The Nu-Sa factor = utility and asset factor for yachts ...) * ... and the specific yacht price.

The value in use and real value of a yacht is more important to the buyer than the price. This is not only important for the period of its use of the yacht, but also for the later yacht sale. Just as the purchase price of a condominium apartment per m² is a statement about the market value of the apartment, a similar statement and comparison is possible by the Nu-Sa factor) * for yachts. Alternatively, the specific yacht price may be considered a comparative value scale. Please read: Basic data for the NuSa factor: A) = m2 of free deck area divided by the yacht length in meters and B) = m2 of cabin area with head height divided by yacht length in meters. Adding these values, sum divided by 2 gives the utility u. Factor factor (= Nu-Sa factor) for the yacht in question. Calculation example NuSa factor: conventional motor yacht, length 15 meters, width 4.5 meters: To A) = Free deck area (walkable) 30 m² = 30: 15  = 2 / Decks factor. To B) = cabin area (with head height) 21 m², 21: 15 = 1,4 / cabin factor. Result NuSa factor:       2 / Decks factor plus 1.4 / cabin factor divided by 2 =  1.7 Nu-Sa factor.

First determination of the potential yacht buyer: It does not make economic sense - as regards the NuSa value content, to buy a monohull yacht. The reason: Since the base for the NuSa factor is the m² deck and m² cabin surface, the monohull yacht always has the lowest NuSa factor. To buy a yacht like this –  most the sport-faktor is the reason.

We investigate this situation here - using the example of a conventional motor catamaran, (eg LEOPARD) Length 14.4 m, width 7.5 m: free deck area = 36 m², cabin area / head height = 28 m²; the NuSa factor of this catamaran = (36: 14.4) + (28: 14.4) divided by 2 = ......... 2,2 NuSa factor. This NuSa factor of 2,2 is about 30% higher than the NuSa factor of the monohull motor yacht (= 1.7).

Second determination of the potential yacht buyer: With the knowledge of the facts about the NuSa factor, the potential yacht buyer now turns to the market of catamaran yachts. He notes that there is a catamaran offer with the yacht name He sees that the usable deck area and cabin surface are much larger than in conventional catamarans. With this yacht of 15 m length and 6.4 m width, the deck areas are approx. 79 m², the cabin areas with head height approx. 43 m². From this he calculates a Nu-Sa factor of =.4.2. So about 80% higher than the NuSa factor of a conventional catamaran with 2.2.

Third determination of the potential yacht buyer: he examines the catamaran market in order to find comparisons for the SCHWEBE yacht - with the same deck and cabin offer. He notes that such offers do not exist because the technical data of the SCHWEBE yacht (= Patent.a) are unique for design reasons. The prospective buyer makes price comparisons between conventional catamarans and the SCHWEBE yacht and - determines the specific yacht price:

Fourth determination of the potential yacht buyer: For a price comparison, it is based on the price of the LEOPARD catamaran (= example) which amounts to approx. 560 TSD € (= 2nd hand yacht). He divides this price by the total Usable area of ​​64 m², which this yacht offers = 560 TSD €: (36m² + 28m²) The result is the specific yacht price / m² = 8.750, - €. This m² yacht price is multiplied by the total usable space of the SCHWEBE yacht. The result is: 79m² + 43m² = 122 m² x 8.750, - € / m² = 1.067,-- million € would be the negotiable Schweb eyacht price. This yacht has These additional benefits: The anti-seasickness technique (= no rocking), technology for pinpoint turning maneuvers, 40% fuel savings. Extremely quiet. This sum of benefits of this yacht now induce the yacht prospect to purchase the floating yacht. • Advantage for the yachting company: In the future it will make about 100% more profit for the same costs. K.N.IWAN, 19.8.18  * Formula protected by copyright DPMA.

-1- This new yacht development = no more seasickness, because no role in the SEE, now brings a startling profit perspective - unfortunately only for one person. But more people in the yacht-industry can benefit from a profit doubling in the future.) *

This new yacht has to be completed and sold. Unfortunately, the sponsor died, so that now a successor to this project can make about 330 TSD € profit - in about 5 months. And that at 100% bank financing of completion costs, or - own funding. Cost of completion less than 90 thousand €. A brief expose with cost plan is ready for you. Your mail request is sufficient:

The Nu-Sa factor

) * Profit doubling; approx. 100% - see price formula NU-SA; Pos.4, NEWS =
K.N.IWAN, Kaeptn./Dipl.Ing, Fa. GER Technology Developments LTD, ANATALYA Turkey. 22/12/2018

Short Exposure FLOATING-YACHT.

-2-... for example, a yacht-owner community (YaEG) can be founded - without capital (= liquidity). The required capital of approx. € 0.6 million is available in the form of the tangible asset YACHT (see picture below). For the costs of completion up to the point of sale, (... only) approx. 23% of the material value = € 140 the bank on against safety transfer of the yacht. For lawyers, notaries, translators, experts and fees would be at the beginning of about € 36,000 (to an RA) to make, but can be co-financed. A repayment of the 36 '€ from the bank loan can therefore be made immediately.

The Cape requirement is: cost of yacht completion = 90 TSD ', + the above mentioned. 36 '+ 14' Security amount = total 140 TSD €. In terms of yacht value, that's only 23%. With this investment, a sales price of the yacht of about € 1 million (= value added about € 0.8 million).
See yacht price - determination, in Button NEWS, Nu-Sa factor, -Pos. 4. In the case of equity financing, the lender receives a yacht security mortgage of 40% of the Yacht's assets.

Yacht sale, repayments, surplus and schedule:

1.) List price yacht, completely according to cost plan € 1.067. 000, -
(see yacht price calculation NU-SA factor =, button NEWS, item 4)
2.) Discount accepted 10% (not compulsory) € 106.700, -
3.) Sales proceeds (minimum sales) € 960,300, -
4.) Repayment to bank. € 140,000, -
5.) Surplus € 820.300, -

6 .) The surplus is divided = 40%: 60% between A) and B = A 328,120 € / B 492,180 €).
7.) Person A) = the added 40% yacht owner, person B) = current yacht owner / inventor (K.N.IWAN).
8.) Start of project shortly. Target = Selling from about the end of April / May 2019. Location ANTALIA.

Specifications: Length 15,o m, width 6,5 m, Volvo 2 x 150 KW, 22 knots, weight about 11.500 kg. Kaptn. / Dipl. Engeneer K.Nikolaus IWAN GER Technology Developments LTD ANTALYA- 22.12.2018,

anti-rocking mechanism is also used for passenger ferries/tourist boats

The first time, our anti-rocking mechanism is also used for passenger ferries/tourist boats: Not only the concept and the facilities are comfortable, this concept is also optimal for handicapped people. Similarly, the behavior of the boat in the waves allows a comfortable stay on board: No rocking, no seasickness anymore

Schwebe-Yacht Personenfaehren Schwebe-Yacht Personenfaehren Draufsicht

Luxury tourist boat (ferry) for 40 people. Depending 4 pers. in a separate, enclosed seating area with entertainment and communication technology, keep personal luggage. Boat constructed by handicapped accessible Design. Captain's cabin and two cabins for the crew, six toilets. Boat is a special construction; movably maintained cabin hull does not swing in waves. No seasickness. German patent a.

  1. Command Station
  2. Two tabels, seats
  3. Storage for bar, equipment
  4. Storage for chairs disabled pers.
  5. Snacks and drinks
  6. Movable cover of slip box is open
  7. Bottom of slip box
  8. Rubber dinghie for 5 persons
  9. Open slip box cover
  10. Lift für disabled persons
  11. Dinghie position to go in and out
  12. Connection gangway floating hulls
  13. Slip box is closed, in site dinghie
  14. Plattform on the bow, usable by passengers
Main technical data:
  • Catamaran. L = 22 m, W = 6.8 m, draft. 0.7 m
  • Cabin-Hull.. L = 19.5, m, W = 5.4 m, H = 4.3 m from CWL
  • Construction of the boat weight about 13.5 tons.
  • Maximum operating weight (40 people on board.) Appr.19 t
Material: carbon fiber lightweight panels, aluminum
Machinery: Two Yamaha with 180 kW shaft power. Max speed 22 knots. Boat can turn on the spot by 360 °
The boat is built to the standards of the Germ. Lloyd.