More usable volume for the persons, more open deck space:

For the same length as a conventional ship, the Innovationsyacht offers to the guest on board about 30% more cabin-area and about 1.5 times more of usable deck area.
The reason: The removal of the hull (Cabin-hull) from the water makes it possible to increase the width and height of this Cabin-hull. The entire cabin-hull can be streamlined. All rooms have consistently more than head high. An optimal quality of living conditions is created.

Typ 15,5/18,5 m, Seitenansicht

Typ 15,5/18,5 m, sideview

Typ 15,5/18,5  Blick auf das Sonnendeck

Typ 15,5/18,5 Look at the sun deck

Typ 15,5 / 18,5  Innenausbau des Kajüt-Teiles

Typ 15,5 / 18,5 Interior of part-Kajüt

Their extremely large sun deck and large, light-filled cabins, the owners invite family and friends for a refreshing and seafaring.