Specifications and standard equipment of Yachts.

 Dimensions, tech. Information:     Typ  15,5 SD       
 19,5 SD       
 24 SD        
 Cabin structure, length  11,5 m  19,5 m  23,0 m
 Cabin Width  4,8 m  6,5 m  8,5 m
 Catamaran, length  14,9m  22,9 m  24,0 m
 Catamaran Width  5,6 m
 7,8 m
 10,5 m
 Draft (without MP Services)  0,6 m  0,85m  1,2m
 Surface of the upper decks m²  44  121  204
 Number of cabins (standard)  41  98  190
 Liter water tank  4  6  on demand
 Ltr diesel tank  250  450  800
 Ltr holding tank  800  1700  3500
 Range / tank sm / kn at 10  280  480  800
 Weight (o.MP services) kg
 660    800  780
 Beds  9.500  17.000  19.500
 Emergency beds  4  6  on demand     
 Shower  1  4  on demand
 Duschbad  3  6  on demand
 WC  4  7  on demand
 Bath showers on deck  2  4  4
 Engines  2 x 110 kW   2x 175 kW  2x 220 kW
 Make engines  Volvo  Volvo  Volvo


Dr. Ing. Helmut Risch

      Engineering Services for the development, design, engineering, testing , assessment and evaluation of sport boats, sailing yachts, motor yachts, barges , floating equipment and components .


S t a t e m e n t

referring the project floating yacht (Schwebe Yacht).

1 The project was me by the German representative of the French ship classification society Bureau Veritas ( Dipl. Ing  Fleischhauer ) called in Hamburg in September 2005. I was asked if 'm interested in joining the project. This from the standpoint of compliance with all requirements for the construction of recreational craft .


2  I've checked the project and see the following innovative features:

a) The catamaran effect ,  less fuel consumption at a given cruising speed is exploited    compared to conventional motor yachts.

b) The lack of the engine room in the cab structure and the variable part of the cage design opportunities a better space utilization than is possible with conventional boats .

c ) The noise from the engines in the utility areas of floating yacht , which are one of the biggest problems with common yachts , is substantially reduced by the installation of engines in the two outer floating hulls.

d) the movable part of the suspension of the cabin hulls results in seas reducing the rolling motion . This leads to more ride comfort for the crew and the passengers on board.


Because of the overall technical design, dynamic optimization and the technical details I have the specialists for ship -Ing . Büchler been studied in Rostock. Dr. Büchler has come upon review of the technical documentation of the project and according to its own calculations to the conclusion that this technical idea of ​​success is promising and may possibly also be used in commercial shipping.

My first conversation with the classification society GERMANISCHER Lloyd , with whom I have a contract I have shown that we are interested in this also there for technical development .

For all the above reasons, I have decided to support the project advisory and support a project management.

Helmut Risch

Dr.-Ing. hab. (marine engineering)




D- 10625 Berlin, Schlüterstrasse 68, Tel +49 30 83409471 Fax . +49 30 83e409473 wireless (mobile) +49 171 7090536 , e-mail:  helmut.risch @ t-online.de


Specifications of FLOATESS yachts.

1. Floating-Hulls of the catamaran: The hulls are accessible from bow to stern and seaward security with a 12 cm footer provided on the ship's side with a handrail. The two tenders (boats) are in a slip-box back in the hulls. You can be by means of an electric actuator on and extended from there. For this purpose, the hull mirror a flap for this waterproof Slip box opens automatically. Alternatively, a solid boat with David is attached to the aft upper deck. Base plate of 40 mm lightweight panels (CE certified) plotted plus about 10 mm glass fiber mats with epoxy. Side walls of the hulls of the same material, 25 mm + 5 mm thick. The interior of the hull is filled with foam up to 200 mm above the water line (CWL). Exception of the engine compartment, here, the wall thickness is 50 mm plus 30 mm sound insulation.

Keel beam: The guy has an 11.5 keel beam of multilayer Lightweight Panel material plus multiple coating glass fiber mats plus epoxy. All other types have a keel beam made of aluminum profiles with a cross section up to 400 x 300 mm profile dimensions. Underwater-Light: On the two outer walls of the hulls each 5 UW-mounted headlights. They serve as decoration in the dark in the harbor, for orientation at night-dives, but also for easy and profitable fishing.

Bug armor MP: In the bow on the ground, a chromium steel base plate is attached to 2.5 m in length. Thus without damaging the hull bottom on rocky ground can be mounted on the foredeck the shore.

Flooding tanks MP: They support the measure be placed on the shore and the boat again putting them on the free-floating state (Captain. Klaus explained it in detail).These tanks are installed in the bow and stern of the hull. This technique is also used to secure dry fall in tidal waters. These measures are automatically controlled by flooding pumps.

Boat transfer across the keel direction: To create the Kay / bar when space puts this technology can bring a boost to cross straight to the yacht landing-place. Also can be used with this technique turned the yacht on the point / shot. Product: 2 x EXTURN Duplex, Type 600 W.

2. Connecting frame (Frame Bridge): the hulls of aluminum profiles welded.

3. Cabin-hull:The core structure is made of aluminum profiles. The floors and walls of the intermediate lightweight panels covered with epoxy. The outer skin of 6 mm lightweight material (CE certified). On both sides plus 2 layers of fiberglass finished with epoxy. Deck flooring made of cork, railing made of chrome steel.

4. Anti-swing mechanics, MP: You compensated up to 90% of the annoying rocking motion in heavy seas. Components made of chrome steel. Spherical ball bearings with Teflon rollers.

5. Cabins and traffic areas on board: The cabin- arrangement and size are standard (see brochure and Web.). Should the interested party an additional cabin superstructure on the upper deck (See program overview), or changed the default layout (different room sizes), he can choose his cabin-sharing. The cabin roof of additional cabins on the upper deck can be designed as a fly-bridge. Traffic areas: Standard is a staircase from the car deck to the upper deck. Additionally, a second staircase to the lounge (show) mounted to the upper deck (MP).

6. Handling of innovative technology: The Anti-swing mechanics can be locked. The yacht was then the known performance of a catamaran. All other functions are controlled by the innovative technology of the programmed sequence.

7. Cabin Deck: Master cabin with TV - Sound System - Heating and Air Conditioning / 2 x guest cabins with heating and air conditioning - Sound System / living room TV and sound system - / twin helm positions / seat dining table cloth and leather / indirect lighting / sun blinds

8. Galley Equipment: stainless steel cleaning-table, hot water heater, electric stove with grill, microwave, dishwasher, refrigerator, freezer, cooler cabinet, espresso machine, fruit press, crockery and cutlery for 10 people, pots and pans, dishwasher.

9. Technology on board: 2 x bow thruster, generator 11 KW or needs of each yacht type, / batteries with charger and landing port / desalination liters/24 200 hrs. I Breathing Air Compressor 120 l/Min.220 10 bar with 2 x - l-tanks / heating and air - conditioning / 4 Boiler 40L. Gangway on the hulls from bow to stern / elect. Anchor windlass with 4 and 2 x 40 meter chain / shower on the swim platform at the stern / rear garage (slip box) for 2 dinghies 2,60 m. 9 hp outboard gasoline and / or electric power. Shower on the sun deck / Lifeboat for 6 persons. / 6 fire extinguisher / 8 Life jackets with harness / Pressure washer / deck washer / TV antenna / ZTV in the fair / Antifouling / fans in the show.

10. Complete nautical navigation, as it will recommend the certification of companies. Upon request we will send you a comprehensive list of equipment.

Note: All sections are standard without MP, MP-items at extra cost. See Yacht price list, MP positions. Dimensions and weights may differ from these results. Changes in the sense of technical progress are reserved.

Standard interior, description.

Sanitary objects: All objects are in ceramic white or light-weight material. Fittings in solid construction, chrome-plated brass. Mirrors and other accessories are in first quality. Brightly tiled shower room and WC. For your selection 3 tile patterns will be submitted.

Built-in furniture in the cabins: towels, shelves and cabinets made of moisture-proof barrier. Solid brass fittings. You may select from three different types of veneer. Velour floor, water-repellent. In the transition from the galley to the owner cabin on the bow and is the fair Teakstab flooring, with brown white joints. White joints. For the design of the cabin interior walls and the corridor wall to the master cabin we highly recommend 3 patterns to choose from. Dual full linen, cushions, tablecloths, towels, and blankets, three vacuum cleaners.

Lighting: Brass or plastic. Also here you can choose from various proposals.

Music, TV: Each cabin has its own music system to play CD's and USB drives as well as radio. Besides, there is a TV set with an extra large monitor.

Kitchen and Pantry: See description of the galley equipment, kitchen equipment SIEMENS MIELE or at your option.

p.s. Get your yacht delivery as soon as possible ordering now your yacht type without the standard interior (price list line 1). This ensures that your yacht construction can start immediately. Your special requests of accessories we can set and discuss later in our yard or yours.