Who would not want a noiseless motor yacht?

A yacht, where the engine noise is so low that they are drowned out by the sound wave? Even on luxury motor yachts, a stay-let alone sleep - in the cabins below deck, because the engine noise barely acceptable. At full production capacity almost unbearable! These noise ratios are found here in any way. Here is our innovative solution:

Schallminderung Schallquellen

We removed all the machines and aggregates from the actual ship (ships-body) and mounted them to the outside of the catamaran floating-halls. For a considerable noise reduction is achieved. The rest to eliminate noise - except for the "whisper" at full speed, we get this: Since we need about 50% less fuel than comparable yachts, our sound sources, the engines, already low by 50%. This already halved total output-noise also divided further to 50% depending on a machine in the floats. This brings a further noise reduction. And finally - we build the quietest diesel engines offered by the market: Volvo Marine Diesel.